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A.I. Elections Coverage

Deepfakes, distrust and disinformation: Welcome to the AI election | Politico

Political experts are increasingly concerned at the ease with which fake images of political candidates can be created.

– Mark Scott

The AI That Could Heal a Divided Internet | TIME

Using large language models, online platforms can rank content in different ways, giving sites the option to prioritize virtues like nuance and compassion over anger and disgust.

– Billy Perrigo

Election disinformation takes a big leap with AI being used to deceive worldwide | AP News

AI deepfakes have had impacts in elections across Asia and Europe, raising concerns among experts.

– Ali Swenson and Kelvin Chan

Clemson researchers have unearthed mock local news across the US linked to Russia | NYT.

– Steven Lee Myers

Opinion: AI doesn’t have all the answers— especially this election season | LA Times

In an investigation, researchers found that chatbots answered election related questions incorrectly about 50% of the time.

– Alondra Nelson and Julia Angwin

Trump supporters target black voters with faked AI images | BBC

AI-generated images of President Trump spending time with black voters have circulated on social media, recently.

– Marianna Spring

The Shortlist: Seven Ways Platforms Can Prepare for the U.S. 2024 Election | Protect Democracy

Protect Democracy published recommendations for what tech companies can do to mitigate the impact of AI on elections in 2024.

NewsGuard launches suite of AI anti-misinfo tools | Semafor

In March, the fact checking outlet NewsGuard launched a new anti-misinformation hub.

– Max Tani

Opinion: AI is turbocharging disinformation attacks on voters, especially in communities of color | LA Times

Immigrants and people of color are at high risk from AI-enabled disinformation.

– Bill Wong and Mindy Romero

Disinformation has a powerful impact on voting intentions | The Parliament Magazine

EU advocates are concerned about disinformation in the context of their June parliamentary elections.

– Ana Fota

‘Disinformation on steroids’: is the US prepared for AI’s influence on the election? | US news | The Guardian

Amid an unsettled regulatory and tech landscape, experts worry that the US is unprepared for disinformation in 2024.

– Rachel Leingang

OpenAI, Meta, and other tech giants sign effort to fight AI election interference | Reuters

20 tech companies signed an agreement in February in an effort to mitigate the impacts of generative AI on global elections.

– Sheila Dang and Katie Paul

AI is changing how elections are fought, from deepfake endorsements to chatbot campaigners | ABC News

In countries like India, Pakistan, and Indonesia, deepfakes and other uses of AI have increasingly become the norm in elections.

– James Purtill

Deepfake democracy: Behind the AI trickery shaping India’s 2024 election | Al Jazeera English

Election deepfakes have become increasingly common in India, in advance of this year’s elections.

– Yashraj Sharma

Democratic operative admits to commissioning fake Biden robocall that used AI | NBC News

A Democratic political operative admitted to using AI to create a fake robocall of Joe Biden encouraging his supporters not to vote.

– Alex Seitz-Wald

Biden officials confront limits of federal response in exercise preparing for 2024 election threats | CNN Politics

The Biden administration is preparing its response to viral disinformation, violence at election sites, and other possible threats to the 2024 election.

– Sean Lyngaas

AI-generated voices in robocalls can deceive voters. The FCC just made them illegal | AP News

Featuring Aspen Digital’s Josh Lawson

The FCC has banned robocalls that contained AI-generated voices.

– Ali Swenson

AI could disrupt the 2024 US presidential election. What’s Congress doing about it? | CNN Business

Congressional experts are skeptical that Congress will pass any AI legislation before November.

– Brian Fung

Inside the battle to label digital content as AI-generated media spreads | Axios

Google joined the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authority (C2PA), alongside Microsoft, Meta, and Adobe.

– Ryan Heath

Video shows fabricated results for Indonesians voting overseas in 2024 presidential election | AFP Indonesia

An AI-generated video claimed to show the results of ballots Indonesia’s voting overseas in the country’s presidential election.

Artificial Intelligence’s Threat to Democracy | Foreign Affairs

Generative AI could supercharge election risks, like disinformation and cyber threats, that could affect voter registration, vote casting, and reporting of votes.

– Jen Easterly, Scott Schwab, and Cait Conley

AI-powered misinformation is the world’s biggest short-term threat, Davos report says | AP News

The World Economic Forum found that “false and misleading information” is the “top immediate risk to the world economy” in a new report.

– Kelvin Chan

A fake Joe Biden robocall went out to New Hampshire voters this month, raising concerns of the impact AI will have in 2024.

– Sara Fischer

It’s So Easy To Make AI Politicians That We Made Biden Legalize Weed | HuffPost

HuffPost created a deepfake of President Biden to demonstrate the technology.

– Matt Shuham

Voice cloning tech to power 2024 political ads as disinformation concerns grow | VentureBeat

Startups are entering the political ad market, helping candidates tailor specific versions of ads to different groups of voters.

– Sharon Goldman

What AI Will Do to Elections | Foreign Policy

Experts worry that many tech platforms are less prepared for the 2024 election cycle than they were in previous years, right as generative AI becomes a major issue.

– Rishi Iyengar