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Irene Solaiman

Head of Global Policy, Hugging Face

Irene Solaiman's headshot.

Irene Solaiman is an AI safety and policy expert. She is Head of Global Policy at Hugging Face, where she is conducting social impact research and leading public policy. Irene serves on the Partnership on AI’s Policy Steering Committee and the Center for Democracy and Technology’s AI Governance Lab Advisory Committee. Irene advises responsible AI initiatives at OECD and IEEE. Her research includes AI value alignment, responsible releases, and combating misuse and malicious use. Irene was recently named and was named MIT Tech Review’s 35 Innovators Under 35 2023 for her research.

Irene formerly initiated and led bias and social impact research at OpenAI, where she also led public policy. Her research on adapting GPT-3 behavior received a spotlight at NeurIPS 2021. She was recently also Tech Ethics and Policy Mentor at Stanford University and an International Strategy Forum Fellow at Schmidt Futures. She formerly built AI policy at Zillow Group and advised policymakers on responsible autonomous decision-making and privacy as a fellow at Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center.