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Justin Erlich

Global Head of Issue Policy, TikTok

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Justin is the Global Head of Issue Policy & Partnerships at TikTok on the Trust & Safety team. He leads several teams that develop global policy frameworks and engages with civil society, researchers, and communities. He also regularly teaches courses on Disruptive Technology & Regulation at the UC Berkeley Law School. Prior to joining TikTok, Justin worked in the urban mobility tech sector at Uber as Global Head of Policy for Autonomous Vehicles & Urban Aviation and as the VP of Strategy, Policy & Legal at Voyage. He served as the Principal Tech Advisor for the former California Attorney General and current Vice President Kamala Harris, overseeing the Department’s work on privacy, data, tech platforms, and the regulation of emerging technologies. He has also worked at McKinsey & Co. as a strategy consultant and clerked on the 11th Circuit of the Federal Judiciary. He holds a J.D. from NYU School of Law and a B.A. from Harvard College.